My e-mail series provide inspiring seasons of personal reflection ...


LENT is a unique series of short e-mail reflections.


Each year, I write a new series day-by-day through Lent - so you get a fresh burst each morning, and you, me and anyone else who's signed up begins a journey together, sharing wisdom and encouraging each other along the way.

We focus on key Lenten themes; we try simple daily actions to put ideas into practice; and we report back through the popular RSVP section. We maintain an intimate one-to-one feel - yet the shared wisdom of the group as a whole creates an experience which is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Click here to see a sample reflection from 2020.


“This has definitely been the most thought-provoking and moving Lent series I have ever followed.” Hazel"

Thank you for being such a willing, loving and wise guide. Yours is a wonderful awareness of the right pace to connect the space with me, us and others - to filter in the new and fresh whilst treasuring the encounter in the moment." Philip C, Lent participant

SOULFUL STEPS: From the Passion to Pentecost

Last year, due to the unprecedented times we found ourselves in, I decided to keep the reflections going after Easter, as we traced our way from the Passion (and Passover) to Pentecost. It was a time of mutual encouragement, seeking to maintain connection with our spiritual bearings while everything was changing so quickly. We'll see, in 2021, whether we'll do it all again next year!

Click here to read a sample from the Soulful Steps series.

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ADVENT: a Thrill of Hope

Advent is a unique series of 20 short e-mail reflections, which I write day-to-day, to help us make the most of this potentially wonderful season. It's not always easy to stay focused on what matters most, of course - that's why I love to craft and create a pathway through, to inspire and challenge us to stay true to the message of hope that Advent brings us.

Click here to read a sample reflection from Advent 2020.

"Thank you for encouraging me to look upwards and outwards; a soul expanding experience of God"s beauty and love." Sonya P (2018)


"My heart is going to explode with new revelations well before we get to Christmas! This could be the best £10 I've ever spent!" Jo H (2018)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Advent meditations. They are very precious inspirations to me as, like so many people, I struggle with all the ‘stuff’ that has been cluttered around Christmas. A little peace and inspiration to refresh the soul and become re-aware of God’s light and hope." Jacqui G, 2017