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The Advent Compass Point Prayer


I've crafted a new Advent Compass Point Prayer for 2023. I really hope this helps you to find a contemplative rhythm each morning, with which to start the day.


I've drawn lines and phrases from (mostly) Advent scriptures, and assigned three to each compass point. So you can pray using the words of the angels and the apostles and Mary and Zechariah and Isaiah and the occasional psalmist!

I've broken each line in two with a short pause. Please breathe in slowly and deeply for the first half of the line, and breathe out for the second half. 

I have also posted the words below, in case you'd like to print them out or read them from here.




“In the beginning / Was the Word.” (John 1)

“In him was life / And that life was the light of us all.” (John 1)

“Prepare the Way / Of the Lord.” (Isaiah 40.3)

Turning slowly to the South, to the place where the sun is highest at mid-day, and breathing in …


My soul / magnifies the Lord.” (Luke 1.46 - Mary's song)

You lift the humble / and fill the hungry. (Luke 1.52/53 - Mary's song)

“Good news of / Great joy, to all.” (Luke 2.10 - the angels)

Turning slowly to the West, to the place of sun-set, and twilight, and breathing in …


“The wolf will live with the lamb / And a child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11.6)

“Guide my feet / in the path of peace.” (Luke 1.78/79 - Zechariah’s song)

“Wonderful  Counsellor / Mighty God.” (Isaiah 9.6).


And turning to the north, the place of the night.




“Yours is the day Lord / Yours also the night.” (Psalm 74.16)

“May I receive your mercy / and find your grace.” (Hebrews 4.16)

“Darkness shall cover [us] / But You shall arise.” (Isaiah 60.2)


We turn again, once more to the east, in hope, and expectancy.



Bright morning star / you are coming soon. (Revelation 22.16)

“Even so / Come, Lord.” (Rev 22.21)

Come, o come, / Emmanuel. ” (Matthew 1.23)

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