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Holiday for the Soul:

an audio retreat to help you savour the goodness of summer!

Summer's here! And so is Holiday for the Soul, 2022 - a gentle audio 'retreat' resource to accompany it. It's time to turn our face toward the life-light and soak in the goodness of God's delightful season. So I've written and produced this one-hour audio to help you do just that.


Download it onto your device and go out for a soulful walk, or take a picnic blanket and find a gorgeous spot in which to pause for an hour or so. Stream it on your computer from home if you can't get out. Or you could take it on holiday with you, if you're getting away!


'Holiday for the Soul' will (I hope!) give you some joyfully reflective space in which to connect more deeply with this uniquely restorative season - and to bring some of its goodness home with you for the rest of the year.

There are five mini-reflections, on:

1. Diving In: to a season of total immersion

2. Switching Off: to switch back on again

3. Finding Your Flow: within the fluid movement of summer

4. Packing a Kit Bag for the Soul

5. Loving the Earth (While Feeling the Heat)

My suggested donation is £5 (but have it as my gift if you're affected by the cost of living crisis). There are payment details at the bottom of the page - but please make sure you can listen OK before you send me anything!


Listen now here (just press the green button below)!









And if you want to download the file to your mobile to listen when you're on a walk or away from wifi ... click the icon in the bottom right corner of the panel above - and then click on the download icon. If you're not clear, see my two pictures below!







You'll then be invited to download the file to your mobile, at which point 'save' the file to your device. You should be able to find it in your 'downloads' folder on your phone or tablet!

How to donate (suggestion £5)

If you'd like to make a donation, you can use the Paypal button here:

Or, you can make a bank transfer (NB: this is a new account, so please amend your records if you have paid before. Thank you!) Please use your name as a reference, thanks.

Brian Draper




(This is a 'business' account.)

*     *     *

I hope and pray that this simple resource helps you as you continue to walk the path of life and faith. Go well!

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