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Ode to Autumn: download your audio retreat for this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!

I've been leading autumn walking retreats for over a decade. They're such a good way to find rhythm and restoration within God's Creation!


Last year, with the pandemic restricting our capacity to meet and interact, I recorded an audio retreat for you to use personally instead: 75 minute's worth of immersive material, flowing with autumnal reflections, 'practice' and space!

And given that I'm unable to run my autumn walks this year because I still have long Covid, I thought you might like the chance to do the retreat again. (If you donated something last year, there's absolutely no need to donate further, by the way.)


Follow the simple instructions below to download the retreat to your smart-phone or tablet - then pop your headphones in, and go for a guided reflective walk! (And if you can't get outside, why not listen from the comfort of your home - look out the window, or use your imagination.)

You can listen all in one 'go' ... otherwise make an afternoon (or a day) of it by taking things more slowly, and pressing pause when you need space to reflect further, or to pray, or to be still ... There are seven sections which comprise the whole, so you can savour the process and take it step by step if you'd prefer!


How to listen from your laptop

If you want to listen at home on your computer, you can simply press the green button on the panel below (and why not take a moment to get inspired and listen to the short introduction now!)  ...










but to use the recording on a walk, you can also download it to your mobile device so that you can listen 'off-line' to the file itself:



How to download to your mobile device (3 steps)


1. Return to this page ( using your smart-phone or tablet.

2. On the autumn retreat panel above, click the icon in the bottom right corner, and then click on the download icon (if you're not clear, see my two pictures below!).








3. You'll then be invited to download the file to your mobile, at which point 'save' the file to your device. You should be able to find it in your 'downloads' folder on your phone or tablet!


How to Donate, and How Much!

My suggested figure is £10 - but you're welcome to pay less, or more, depending on how you're fixed. I don't have a salary, so your contribution really helps me to continue this work. There's no need to donate if you did last year.


You can:


Make a bank transfer: 'Mr B Draper' / 07-01-16 / 42401777

or send a cheque to Brian Draper, 1 Barton Farm, Winchester SO22 6AX

or use this paypal button:



Thank you!

*     *     *

"Thank you so much for this beautiful autumn audio retreat. I listened to it on a rare day off and couldn’t have spent it in a better way - it was honestly a gift. With your guidance and beautifully chosen words, I felt thoroughly immersed in my surroundings.” Helen S


Please do spread the word. Autumn is forecast to be a vividly colourful season this year, so let's make the most of it!


Go well!

*     *     *



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