"Brian Draper has an extraordinary gift for providing nourishment for the soul." Clare Balding




Thank you for visiting.

You find me between my Advent e-mail series, which was an absolute joy, and my Lent e-mail series, which begins on February 17th. I'll announce sign-up details before too long.

While all my 'in person' events are cancelled for now, I'll be presenting a series of short, reflective pauses on YouTube called Twilight Moments Live - every Friday at 4.30pm in January. You can subscribe to my channel here. I hope you'll join me for some spiritual encouragement and companionship during this tricky stretch of the new year.



Lent 2021 e-mail series - 'Signs of Life'

I'll be writing my Lent 2021 e-mail series 'in the moment' throughout Lent, and you'd be most welcome to join me! Keep your eyes out for the announcement that I'll make at the start of February.


Seasonal, soulful resources throughout the year

I've developed some simple and practical ways for you to engage with me - from my Lent and Advent e-mail series, to books, talks, seasonal retreats and workshops. These all flow from my contemplative spirituality.


Details of my latest book Soulful Nature: A Spiritual Field Guide can be found here.


You can listen to the episode of Ramblings - when I took Clare Balding on a walking retreat - here.

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My website is still under construction, but you can sign up to my mailing list and you'll be the first to know once my events start flowing again, after lockdown! Thanks so much for stopping by.