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Lent 2023: Sign up & Pay

To (1) sign up and (2) pay, follow both of these simple steps:

1. Sign up using this quick form below (NB: you must still sign up if you've participated before - I create a new list for each series). Make sure you click the subscribe button. If you can't see it, or if you don't receive a confirmation e-mail straight away, please contact me.

Remember, make sure you click the subscribe button above. If you can't see it, or if you don't get a confirmation e-mail please contact me immediately, and I'll sign you up from this end.



2. Make a payment by bank transfer, cheque or Paypal


The suggested donation remains £20 for individuals, or £80 for small to mid-sized groups. But you're welcome to pay less - or have it for nothing with my love - if it helps in harder times.

(a) You can make a bank transfer. Please use your name as a reference so I can cross-check that you have signed up successfully!

Brian Draper



(b) Or send a cheque to: Brian Draper, 1 Barton Farm, Andover Road, Winchester SO22 6AX

(c) Or simply use this Paypal button here:



Thank you!

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