Advent 2020


"A thrill of hope,

the weary world rejoices,

For yonder breaks,

a new and glorious morn..."



I've always loved those lines from the hymn 'O Holy Night'. They capture something of that inexpressible surge of anticipation, yearning and wonder we encounter in Advent. And oh, how we need that thrill of hope this year!


So please do join me for my annual Advent e-mail series, which will help you to make the most of this wonderful season, even within such a different and difficult time as this.


How does it all work?

Advent 2020 is a unique series of 20 short e-mail reflections, which I write day-to-day in Advent. It's not always easy to stay focused on what matters most, of course - that's why I love to craft and create a pathway through, to inspire and challenge us to stay true to the message of hope that Advent brings us.

I'll invite your own brief responses as we go, so that the journey is shared, and so we create something greater than the sum of the parts!

If you sign up, I'll send you a short, reflective e-mail each day (except Sundays) from December 1st to 23rd, with a link to readers' personal responses. The reflections won't take you long to read, but they will help you to make meaningful space, and to take meaningful action.

The suggested donation remains £10, and £40 for small-medium groups. Please contact me if you'd like your church or organisation to take part as a whole.

Click here to sign up and make your donation!

(You can also click here if you'd like to see a sample of a previous Advent 20 reflection.)


*      *      *

"The most alive Advent devotion I have ever experienced! This journey feels like a retreat for my spirit that I’ve only known at a retreat setting. It is liberating and completely energizing." Jenna R, 2019

"Every morning I read your post and every morning it is enough. Somehow you touch the core of everything I need to hear and I am humbled, grateful and sometimes overwhelmed." Rosie R, 2019

"There has been such a sense of companionship this series - of ‘God with me’ in those magical moments of stillness, and in the closeness of the Advent community through the RSVPs, however scattered we are across so many parts of the world. I am discovering so much peace. Thank you." Lucy P

"My heart is going to explode with new revelations well before we get to Christmas! This could be the best £10 I've ever spent!" Jo H (2018)